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Why choose HSFI?

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Each of our instructors has at least 15 years of experience teaching fire/life safety curriculum and has a current "certificate of fitness to instruct" issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Our instructors have certified thousands of students. They all have numerous years of experience in hospital environments with both engineering and safety backgrounds. All have had extensive experience & knowledge regarding the requirements set forth by the TJC, CDPH, NFPA, OSHA & LAFD.


They have participated in many on-site fire/life safety inspections that entail inspection of internal written procedures,  fire suppression systems, alarms & the building utility systems that support the fire/life safety program, such as generators, emergency lighting, fire dampers, pressurized stairwells, etc.


Hospital employees are busy! We provide flexible scheduling options so you can take the training courses when it suits you. 

Private individual and on-site group training options are available.  Simply send us a text or email and we'll handle the rest.

Easy to Understand

Our training is easy to understand.  We know that if we take the time to make it clear, you retain the knowledge. 

Also,  let's face it. You started your career in healthcare to make a difference. While we believe in the importance of continuous fire and safety practice,  we know this is an interruption in routine for you. We like what we do and it makes for a more entertaining day. 

Our training program meets the LAFD hospital fire safety employee training requirements. 

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