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Welcome to HFSI !

The easy path to your fire safety certification

Embracing the digital age, LAFD has made this vital training available online since June 2020. With the convenience of online access, you can now acquire these critical skills from the comfort of your own space. Our Hospital Fire and Life Safety Classes are provided by LAFD Certified Instructors.

What is a fire card?

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We're glad you asked!

In the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) requires all hospital employees  to complete 6 hours of fire and safety training  every 4 years. A blue training certification card is issued upon completion. 


Those who work in retirement homes, skilled nursing or psychiatric facilities are required to attend a 3-hour training program every 2 years and will receive a pink certification card.

Pink card training is needed more often because these locations are not built as safe as hospitals. In addition,  rescue carry refresh training is needed more often because of the patient occupancy.

In the past, this training required a live classroom environment. In June 2020, LAFD decided to make this training available online, but the instructor must still possess a valid Certificate of Fitness to instruct issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).

At HSFI, both fire cards are issued at the end of class!


We Know You Have Choices

At HFSI, we value your safety and trust so we only engage with the most experienced instructors who possess extensive backgrounds in emergency response procedures along with a detailed understanding of fire safety support systems.

We respect your time. The online training option alleviates the need for coffee breaks and lunch usually associated with live classroom training, allowing us to present the required curriculum at a pace that will fit into your busy schedule.

We also recognize the value. Not only will you get top-tier fire safety training and enjoy peace of mind knowing your understanding of fire safety fundamentals is our priority but we also have the best pricing for this service. We are so confident about this, that we encourage you to search "LAFD fire card" and check our competitors. If you find a better price, we will match it minus another 10%.

Types of Cards

Blue Fire Cards

Hospital employees must take 6-hour training course every 4 years. A blue fire card is issued & must read "hospital fire/life safety training".

Pink  Fire Cards

Employees at psychiatric hospitals & convalescent homes get 3 hours of training every 2 years. A pink fire card is issued & must read "institutional fire/life safety training".

los angeles city fire certification pink card
los angeles city fire certification blue card


Evelyn Avila
average rating is 5 out of 5

I will 100% recommend this training course to other students or healthcare professionals who can not get this resource from their employer. The schedule is accommodating that was a great plus ! I had options of choosing another services but I am so happy I went with this one. Instructor Brain was incredibly knowledgeable and the manner of how the information was given was very organized and made the time go by so fast.
100% recommend this training service and the instructor!
Thank you

Training Curriculum

Hospital Fire

We explain the federal, state and local regulations so you understand the hows and whys of the fire safety program at your facility

 Fire Response Procedures

We explain the sequence of actions and the decision making responsibilities that you would experience so that you will know what to do if a fire should occur.

Fire Extinguishers

Training on different types of fire extinguishers, their appropriate usage, and understanding the different types of fires they can combat (based on fire class) is essential for effective firefighting.

Pre-fire Planning

We help you understand, not only how your actions can prevent fire situations, but also the importance of knowing your workplace so you are not disoriented during high pressure situations that occur with fire scenarios 

Fire Chemistry

We will simplify the technical jargon to help you understand how fuel, heat and oxygen, when in the proper proportions, can initiate and sustain combustion on a variety of fuel sources.

Evacuation Planning

Our primary goal in any emergent situation is always safety of life. However, the nature of the events that you may encounter will vary. You will learn  how to assess these conditions which will allow you to make the appropriate determinations regarding the levels of evacuation available to you. 

Fire Protection Systems 

Our engineers will provide an explanation of special hospital utility infrastructure in a manner that is easy to absorb and allows you to have a clear understanding of how safe hospitals are designed to protect you in the event of a fire.

Classifications of Fire

Various fuel sources mean different combustion processes. This results in 5 separate fire classifications A B C D & K. You will learn these differences and understand the specific hazards for each class allowing you to select the appropriately rated fire extinguisher and approach strategies.

Exit Drills in the Home

​In this modern age of synthetic materials, studies have shown fires spread much faster and burn much hotter than decades ago before synthetics were so abundant. We will discuss how to better prepare and understand the hazards of fire in your home environment. 

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